Advantages of Using Laser Engraved Gift Metal Promotional Pens

The high-quality promotional pen has long been an excellent way to show your appreciation to your valued clients and staff alike. Top metal pens personalized with engraving will be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive it and with the advent of laser technology inexpensively as ever. To get more details about laser engraved you may check here

Advantages of Using Laser Engraved Gift Metal Promotional Pens

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Laser engraving involves a concentrated beam of light (laser) which is focused on a point on the barrel of the pen so that it will penetrate the surface to a predetermined.

The laser then tracing out the image required using a computer-controlled guidance system evaporates or removes the metal layer as it does so.

There are two types of laser engraving technique known as vector and raster. Vector technique in which a laser beam traces the image as if it were to draw it to the object to be etched and useful to reproduce the intricate lines but less good at filling large areas.

Methods raster scan from side to side as it moves across the image build objects like head on an inkjet printer makes filling large areas much more successful. Since most logo consists of a dense area and the type used on branded goods tends to be set in bold, raster engraving is the preferred method.

Many metal pen consists of base metal brass plated with chromium and engraving effects of this pen is that the brass contrast dye will show through in the area of producing engraved pen looks very classy.

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