Applications of Double-Sided Foam Tapes

Single and double-sided foams are employed in the industry for a myriad of interesting applications, ranging from the field of sealing double-glazing units to cushioning the safety helmets. Double- and single-sided foam tapes are known for their flexibility and their conformity. This coupled with a variety of other unique attributes creates a wide range of products that are crucial to seal and bond applications.

Double and single-sided foam tapes can be found in the strip, sheet rolls, and gasket sizes. When searching online, you can also find the best 3M 06382 1/2″ Double Sided Tape Roll of 12.7mm x 18.2m size.

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All of these forms are available in various sizes and types of adhesives which allows for a variety of applications for the end-user.

A lot of foams possess high-spec properties for flame retardant, which are crucial for electric switchgear, and automobile industries.

Double and single-sided foam tapes are made from either medium, low, or the highest density of the foam. The density rating is a guideline for the degree of compression of the foam, and its application is suitable. 

Certain single-sided foam tapes are already compressed in roll format and, once unwinding, the tape will expand to the width of its intended. 

Double-sided foam tapes tend to have a higher quality than single-sided foams. This is due to the way they will perform. Foam density when combined with high-performance adhesives will provide outstanding tack, peel, and hold power.

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