Background Check – Do It For Peace of Mind And Safety

People from all walks of life conduct background searches in an effort to make informed decisions in regards to protecting themselves, employees and family members, property and investments. Searches have personal uses. human resources department of education via

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In an attempt to make knowledgeable choices, many request background checks on the following:
  • Employment Applicants – A good service can help you verify past employment information, contact previous employers and check professional licenses and degrees. Keep in mind that many states have hiring practice laws that should be addressed before disqualifying an applicant.
  • Auto History – Prior to purchasing a used car, check the history including accident, ownership and lien information. You can also investigate damage history including fire, water, hail or salvage auction information.
  • Potential Dates – If you meet someone online or just someone new, check into their marriage/divorce history as well as criminal offence record to verify that they are telling you the whole truth. It may be better to invest a little time, in the beginning, to prevent a big heartbreak later.
  • Corporate Histories – Investigate before you invest. Explore the corporate history and financial status by looking for bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments as well corporate address, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), UCC filing, debtor and collateral.
  • Credit/ Loan Applicants – Verify application information and income as well as check credit history before extending a line of credit.
  • Debtors – If someone owes you money and you do not know their current location, run a people finder check as well as an asset check to assist in collecting a debt. Many services also look for possible aliases and associations as well.
  • People Searches – You can find old friends, family members or others through a people search.
  • Contractors – Before spending money and allowing a stranger into your home, conduct a contractor screening that can verify professional licenses, check for bankruptcies and liens as well as a criminal offence history.
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