Before First Usage Of Dishwasher

Check the packaging of your dishwasher for any damage during transport. Do not install or use damaged dishwashers. Contact your seller immediately if you are unsure. To ensure proper dishwasher fitting, have the accessory installed by service personnel.

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A professional should immediately take care of any repairs or maintenance. Only authorized personnel should perform any repairs or maintenance on the washer.

Third-party repairs are dangerous and could result in your warranty being canceled. They will not be responsible to renew your electricity or installation. Before calling an authorized engineer to install the dishwasher, ensure that your water and electricity connections are safe.

Check that the instructions for assembly of your container are followed exactly. For hygiene reasons, any water left in the dishwasher after production must be removed. Always use pre-wash or a program that includes pre-wash when you first use the dishwasher.

Add 1 ltr of water to your machine's salt content before the first wash.

The dishwasher consumed approximately 4 gallons (15 Liters) of water, 1-2 kWh total energy, and took 15 minutes to complete. It is possible to clean dishes faster by using less water and less energy.

Many people also own dishwashers that heat dry. This drying method is efficient, but it consumes a lot of energy. Look for dishwashers that use air drying when looking for an efficient dishwasher.

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