Cost-Effective Flat Rate Movers In Phoenix

Flat rate movers are the best way to move around town or across the country if you don't plan on doing it all yourself. If you want to be confident about the cost of your move, this is the best option. Moving companies will tell you the final cost before you pack. This ensures that there are no surprises.

You can compare the services offered by different movers. The basic services typically include wrapping and padding large furniture pieces, disassembling and reassembling beds, disconnecting or reconnecting large appliances, loading and unloading all, as well as fuel costs. Visit this page for more information regarding hiring movers in Phoenix.


Movers will transport any art, mirrors or lamps and hang your clothes in wardrobe boxes. This is part of their flat rate quote. All of them provide protection for floors and corners. They are also insured for the full value of your goods. 

It is important to be clear in your agreement about the payment of road tolls and parking tickets. These items can add a lot to the bill. Optional services offered by all movers include: deep cleaning at the end of the move; locksmiths; photo inventory of household goods; and recommendations for security companies for your new home. 

If you feel it is too much for you, they will do the entire packing. You can also rent or buy packing boxes and supplies from many moving companies. Some movers are proud to be environmentally conscious. 


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