Does Whole Body Vibration Therapy Benefit Health?

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) a brand new fashion in the fitness world, is said to provide many benefits: strengthening weight reduction, reduction of lower back pain, and increasing balance in the elderly, and reducing bone density loss. WBV therapy consists of sitting, standing, or laying on a stage that vibrates at a frequency. You can consult experts at Myo-trig for various muscle vibration therapies.  

The vibrations cause the muscles of the body to contract and then relax repeatedly a second. WBV machines are found at a few sports rehab and physical therapists' offices. Smaller machines that you stand on can be bought for the house. On machines using large platforms, it's possible to do simple exercises such as lunges and squats to enhance fitness results.

muscle therapy

With any new therapy, it's necessary to distinguish hype out of truth. Can rank on a vibrating platform really improve your quality of life? Consider the evidence for each of the subsequent claims made by WBV enthusiasts. This may sound too good to be legitimate, and it really will be.

As it causes muscle contractions, it's possible that WBV contributes to small amounts of muscle strengthening, especially in those who live sedentary lifestyles and are barred from other forms of exercise by health states. 

However, there is a lack of sound and research theory supporting the claim that this kind of therapy will help to lose weight and significantly influence fitness degrees. Generally, burning off fat necessitates a mixture of active exercise and calories decrease during the diet. Cardio exercise is very crucial to weight loss, and something WBV does not offer.

For now, this sort of therapy can be seen as rather helpful for all those that can't participate in regular exercise, however, perhaps not as a replacement for diet and exercise in general.

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