Garage Wall Storage Ideas

There are many ways you can use to store your garage items – from old plastic bins, to boxes and racks, and even a simple shelf. But how do you keep track of what's inside each individual container? You can even search online for more information about Garage Wall Storage in Calgary.

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If you need an easy way to get organized while keeping things visible and close at hand, consider using one of these ideas.

1. Stacking Bins:You can create a very easy, but effective system that makes storing your items easier by stacking bins on top of one another. You can use these to store anything from yard tools and garden supplies, to toys and small home goods.

Plus, it's a great way for kids to organize their toys in the playroom or bedroom. Keep individual bins stacked in the garage or up high on a wall – and enjoy the benefits of having everything you need at one glance when you step out the door! Learn how they work here.

2. Storage Shelves:

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, there's no better place to put all those little items than your garage! And since the average garage is about 100 sq. ft., you can use these space-saving racks to keep so many things in check.

3. Cabinets & Drawers:

With all their storage capabilities, there's no need to stick everything inside your cabinets! Instead, consider adding empty cabinet drawers to your space. You can also use them to put away toys, board games, and other items you'll use time and time again. 

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