How Contact Reflex Analysis Works?

Contact Reflex Analysis, is a chiropractic technique that tests your body's bioelectrical and muscle reflexes. It works by connecting certain points in the body to other systems and can be used to diagnose internal problems.

Contact reflex analysis shares some similarities with acupuncture. Acupressure and acupuncture work with pressure points all over the body. Every pressure point is vital to energy flow throughout the body and can become blocked by dysfunction.

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How It Works

CRA cannot diagnose itself. While pressing down on the patient's wrist, the practitioner presses on each reflex point on the body, the reflex point's response to the downward press is the key.

Different reflex points have different connections to internal systems. The bottom of the neck, for example, is where the heart reflex is tested, while the area above the right breast is used to check the metabolism's reactions.

The CRA can be used to explore a variety of dysfunctions within the body, even those that are subject to chiropractic treatment.

Most CRA professionals will work with patients to develop a personal plan for improving their health. The plan will include a diet plan and nutritional supplements. Other chiropractic techniques such as joint or spinal adjustment may be necessary in some cases.

This area of practice does not use pharmaceutical drugs. This practice is based upon the connection between the body’s natural energy flow, and its ability to use natural items for healing.

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