How to Choose a Real Estate Agency in Ontario

Real estate agents do not come from the same backgrounds. They are not all trained in the same way, and not all receive a good education. Many agents think that they only need to go to school to pass the licensing exam to be licensed to work in real estate.

This is something that furthers from the truth just because someone passes a test does not mean they have the knowledge and expertise to handle the largest purchase of someone's life. One of the biggest issues that are always apparent is the lack of education agents receive after they receive their license. If you want to know more about the real estate agent then you can visit

How can you tell if someone is a professional?

It is easy to see who has invested in education and training by the letters that follow the name of the person. If you look at a sign that an agent has signed or placed, and see letters following their names, it means they are continuing education. 

What Letters are Important to See?

Well for starters there is the GRI if you see this it means this agent is a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute. But it does not stop there because there is GRI 1 through 6. The agent who graduated from all six levels has over 180 hours of classroom study and has been in the real estate business for over two years.

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