How to Find the Correct Dinghy the First Time?

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There are several things to consider while selecting the correct dinghy for recreational boating. The load-carrying capacity, cool factor, price, and performance change with the materials. Let’s compare the most common dinghy boat types, fibreglass and inflatable boats.

  • Load-carrying Ability: The inflatable tube gives lots of flotation and stability. If you are boating with your family and friends, load-carrying capacity should be your priority. Inflatable boats provide unparalleled stability while transporting huge loads.
  • Price: Fiberglass boats are affordable. Materials used like fibreglass and wood are not so expensive, and the manufacturing cost is also low. Moreover, repairs are inexpensive and easy too. Comparatively, the cost of a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) is higher.
  • Performance and Speed: A fibreglass dinghy comes with a lower friction coefficient and is lighter in weight. This makes them fuel-efficient and faster. However, you might face some limitations that you can avoid with a big motor at an additional cost. If you buy a motor for your inflatable to plan speeds, you can reduce the extra fuel cost and spend time in transit.
  • Cool Factor: Boating is used for the challenging, exciting, and fun experience. A dinghy is a functional requirement for the adventure. It is a great method to enjoy the level of the water up closer. Thus, it’s better to find the right dinghy. There are several methods to customize an inflatable that are not suitable for fibreglass.

Thus, by comparing these factors, you can evaluate which one would be the best for you. If you are not sure about buying a dinghy but need a boat, go for aluminium boats from Australian boat builders.

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