How Videos Are Important For An Online Business?

Explainer video is non-promotional in nature and is intended to answer questions and to solve problems for viewers. If you are a roofer, you can make a video and explain how and why the roof leaks develop. Then, explain how homeowners can extend the life of the roof and prevent unnecessary leakage.

Provide specific details of the steps required to prevent leakage. Then explain the exact maintenance steps required to provide them with the longest life possible from their roofs. You can check out explainer videos portfolios via various online resources. Be free with your knowledge and help them to understand that you are the expert. Give helpful information generously, educate and build authority.

50 Advantages And Benefits Of Using Video On Your Website

Testimonial (review) videos

These are just what they imply; a testimonial from a satisfied customer explaining to the world what a great experience they had with your company. This is probably the single best way to create trust from your reviews as video is more believable than ordinary written reviews.

Promotional videos

Plain and simple, this is a video that promotes your company, service or product. This is where you make special internet-only offers and provide a sweet deal on a service call or repair. Don't mess around with $10 or $15 coupons; give them something super enticing to get your foot in the door and keep them as a client for years to come.

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