Kick Boxing in Frankston: A great Activity For The Local Community

Kick boxing in Frankston is a great activity to keep fit and active. You can meet new people and form lasting friendships and at the same time learn a skill. Let’s take a look at what kick boxing is and where it originated from.

Origins of Kick Boxing

Kick boxing is a sport that combines aspects of boxing, kicking and Muay Thai to create a new form of martial arts. Although it originated in Japan in the 1960s, it became a highly popular competitive sport in the United States in the 1970s and rose to an International sporting level. Karate and boxing were both considered “gentlemen’s games”, known for their popularity amongst men. Although boxing was more physical than Karate, it was still limited in the amount of contact allowed. 

Kick Boxing Today

Kick boxing found popularity because it allowed participants to make more contact with one another. This appealed to those seeking more intense sports to compete in and watch. For those seeking to compete, kick boxing required athletes to be fitter than either karate or boxing required. It is also essential for competitors to condition parts of their bodies to withstand strong attacks. Examples of this include racking of shins, kicking poles, or other competitors punching stomachs during training to build strength and tolerance in these areas as well as decrease sensitivity.

kick boxing classes in Frankston

Kick boxing is best learned in gyms or classes that cater specifically to this style of combat. They will ensure the right fitness regimes are implemented as well as conditioning practices to ensure your body can withstand the gruelling attacks of kick boxing. 



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