Maintain A Bonsai Cannabis Mother

With a little care and support, you can create a bonsai mother that takes up very little space.

Once they reach about five or six inches, they can be picked up as your first clone. As you cut it, cut just above the knot of the first leaf of new growth. This will help keep your mother small and will help thicken and strengthen the stem.

You can also opt for Sacramento clones for sale or visit You now have between a dozen and two dozen new shoots ready to become the next generation of clones. Make sure to encourage each growth to the center of the cup.

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"This would be a good time to move the mother plant into a larger three-inch pot." Pack the bottom and walls of the pot with a nice fresh soil mixture.

 Repeat the process, always taking the cuttings at the first leaf node of new growth and always pulling out the ingrown shoots. Sometimes you need to remove cuttings that you don't need.

You just have to throw it away. Keeping your mother's bonsai plant small and cup-shaped is essential to this growing style.

"One time you have to plant your mother in a 6 inch pot." Don't go higher than that. If after a few years your mom is fed up with 6 inches of sweat and needs a change, just cut off the roots.

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