Marijuana Fast Facts For Teens

Marijuana is a mixture of the dry leaves and inflorescences of the cannabis Sativa plant, also known as hemp. It can be green, brown, or gray. With continued use, individuals become psychologically dependent on marijuana. You can consider medical marijuana for pain via to get relief.

Marijuana refers to the leaves and flowers of the smoked cannabis plant. The resin made from flower tips contains about 10 to 25% THC, and a plant extract from a cannabis-based oil called hash oil contains about 25 to 60% THC. Smoking is the most common method of using marijuana.

Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the United States and much of the world. In the United States, an estimated 37% of teens have smoked at least one reflex in their life. It is estimated that another 5-10% of these people can abuse marijuana chronically. Cannabis use is widespread in Southeast and Central Asia.

The immediate effects of marijuana are disinhibition, euphoria, a general sense of goodness, inattention, memory loss, altered sensory perception, insomnia, and poor reflexes. 

The active ingredient THC stimulates specific receptors and crosses the blood-brain barrier in the midbrain structure called the nucleus accumbens. This leads to the release of dopamine, the main excitogenic neurotransmitter. This activates the pleasure pathways, which include both the hippocampal and limbic pathways.

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