Medical Radiation Protection and Shielding

Radiation protection is a problem that few of us may know about, but in most circumstances must be taken very seriously. In everyday life, there are many cases where radiation protection is important. From medicine and defense to industry, there are applications for radiation protection.

For example, if you are suspected of having a fracture or something else like this, you will be taken to the hospital for diagnostic tests, which almost always include x-rays and scans with a digital radiation scanner. You can also get the best services of medical imaging & medical physics specialists  in Australia.

Medical Radiation Protection and Shielding

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X-ray images and staff are protected from radiation generated by these scanners by radiation protection measures such as lead-lined doors. In many cases, they can be made to customer specifications to accommodate a variety of structural hole sizes and shapes in most environments.

Radiation is a part of everyday life in both the industrial and medical fields. If a person working near a radiation source is not protected by radiation protection, this can result in damage to the body. 

If a person is regularly exposed to high levels of radiation, the chances of becoming infected with tumors and cancer are much higher. There are also possible problems such as radiation sickness and sunburn.

Security options like lead-coated doors are not a universal solution. So, look for a company that can build tailored, completely custom solutions to provide complete gamma, neutron, and x-ray protection.

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