MEP Drawing Services Play A Crucial Role In The AEC World

MEP image plays an important role in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Field. 2D and 3D MEP diagram assistance for the project plan in a way that perfectly describes the exact location of all fixtures, switches, and controls for electricity distribution. In addition, the MEP 2D drawings provide details of the elements of the HVAC system, including ducting, ventilation, and other equipment. In addition, sewage lines, the supply of pipes, fittings, and valves are represented in the sketch.

If you are looking for 2D drawing MEP illustration services, contact a proficient team of engineers that can assist you in producing a coordinated store image. You can also designate BIM service providers that can help you get the construction documents from the information provided in the model. BIM models represent the most detailed illustration, showing each component with technical info.

What is MEP Shop Drawings & What Are Its Benefits?

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When the various systems needed to be installed, MEP coordinated the diagram to make sure that each contractor got a place for his system. 2D and 3D MEP coordinated images fit the needs of each system installer to make sure that everything is installed in a proper way. This gives a clear action plan for each contractor system and allows the contractor to prevent problems arising during construction.

The two-dimensional and three-dimensional MEP sketches are also utilized for prefabricated elements including lifts, trusses, windows, and air handling units that are needed by MEP architects, manufacturers, and builders.

MEPs also called image shop image that includes a drawn version of the info in the construction catalog. As a result of that, the image store provides more information than construction catalogs. MEP drawings focus on specific products offering different styles of architectural drawings. 

However, there are various utilities MEP shop drawings, including technical diagrams electrical components, composite sketches, underground coordination, coordination at the top of the ceiling, sheet metal & fabrication diagram plumbing, HVAC, and duct working drawings and a few others.

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