Normal Delivery – Every Doctor’s First Advice

Some women give birth without medication and rely on techniques such as relaxation and controlled breathing for pain relief. In natural labor, the mother controls her body, usually with a work assistant who carefully guides and supports her through the natural stages of birth.

Many women are afraid of having a natural birth because of the severe pain during the process. Other techniques are available to them. But of course, having a baby is always the best way. Every doctor in the world offers a safe normal delivery to a mother unless she has a serious problem.

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Regarding natural childbirth:

1. Natural childbirth is a low-tech method of childbirth where nature takes control. 

2. Go into labor without medical assistance, including pain relievers such as epidurals.

3. No artificial medical interventions such as continuous monitoring of the fetus or episiotomy (when the area between the female private part and anus called the perineum is cut to make room for the baby during labor).

Allow the woman to guide the labor and delivery process and deal with her in a way that is comfortable for her. You should be welcomed for your willingness and enthusiasm to try a natural delivery. But if the pain turns out to be too much, then don't feel guilty asking about medicine.

It doesn't make you less courageous or devoted to the baby or the labor process. Giving birth naturally is a wonderful and rewarding experience.

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