Reasons to Choose a Steel Building

Pre-fabricated steel-framed buildings offer many benefits. A metal framing kit can be used to erect everything from a small storage building or garage to a large industrial warehouse. Continue reading to get more information about steel frames buildings and their benefits.

1. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer faster delivery and shorter construction times.

Pre-fabricated metal building kits cut construction time by a third. Delivery takes only five weeks. The kit can be assembled as per the instructions in the manual. It is almost like a huge erector set. A beginner build crew can construct many structures.

2. Prefabrication offers greater protection for your financial investments.

Buildings are a financial investment. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are protected from the elements. Every steel building is specifically designed to meet the specific building codes of each county. Each kit is made to meet or exceed all wind loads, snowfall loads, or seismic conditions specific to your area.

3. Steel-framed buildings produce long-lasting value.

Substandard quality can lead to 15%-20% of wood framing being thrown away. Each piece of pre-fabricated steel framing is produced according to strict guidelines. Any scrap left at the job site can be recycled.

4. Prefabricated metal buildings are made with extremely strong bolts or screws.

Structural steel frames are strong and rigid and can be assembled using high-strength bolts or self-drilling fasteners. These hold up better than staples and nails and last much longer.

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