Some Boxing Etiquettes Of Rotterdam

Nobody likes an arrogant jerk who walks in the door thinking he's a moron. Boxing studios have a very unique ecosystem. Unlike other places like the workplace, regular gym, or nightclub, fighting is allowed (and encouraged) in boxing gyms. That means that if you're really stupid, people will probably say something about it, and you'll be challenged.

In the boxing gym, you are 100% responsible for your actions, attitude and words. Remember that if you act like a fool, there can be dire consequences. Don't forget to sign the opt-out. You can even search online for more information about Group Lessons of boxing.

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This means a lot of different things. Take care of the environment and clean yourself. You're not at home, so don't leave your things everywhere. This includes leaving food wrappers lying around, spilling drinks, or leaving your dirty laundry in a pile for everyone to walk through.

Also, don't walk in the smell of garbage because you haven't showered, put on deodorant, or washed towels. Have little respect for the people around you. When practicing with a partner, don't try to prove anything. They are there to learn and practice, not to show off. Don't hit your partner too hard. 

Make sure you show respect to your partner and coach. That goes for everyone, but especially if you're new. As a new person, you'll want to keep your mouth shut and keep your head down. You can search online for Group Lessons or can visit

This is a HUGE part of boxing etiquette. If you are in a public gym, sometimes you will be surrounded by hot women. Don't try to chase them. Your motivation should be to get better at fighting, not to meet your future wife or to interfere and cause drama. 

Most Battle Room girls don't want to be bothered by men either. Don't be the creepy guy at the gym. Hope these tips would have helped you in understanding boxing etiquette. 

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