The Role Of Staff During The Implementation Of Wilderness Therapy Programs

Treatment of addiction or mental health problems through wilderness therapy involves a three-step process that starts with a cleansing phase and ends with a phase in which the patient is fully absorbed into society.

Wilderness therapy is not healed by itself. One cannot prove that it is only through the wilderness therapy that patients will be fully recovered from mental illness or that wilderness therapy is the go-to treatment for any kind of behavior problem. Wilderness therapy is a process that is applied in conjunction with other treatments. You can also browse this site to enroll your teen in a wilderness therapy program.

Individuals undergoing wilderness therapy is usually followed by counseling regularly. Individuals are required to be under a prescription based on an evaluation of the program after people leave their homes.

The staff at the wilderness therapy program are loving and patient by nature when dealing with individuals who suffer from addiction. Instead of forcing a change in the patient, they allow natural consequences to influence the client's response.

Wilderness Therapy process is divided into three distinct phases:

A) Clearance phase: Bringing teens to wilderness may not be enough to remove toxins, traces of which might be in a patient. Flushing out toxins can be done with the use of medicines, promoting a healthy diet, and intense physical exercise.

B) Personal Responsibility Phase: After the cleaning phase, patients are then forced to take personal responsibility for their actions. By setting the wilderness background, patients are forced to think about how to take care of themselves in the face of unforeseen circumstances thrown up by nature.

C) Phase transitions and After Treatment: The patients after realizing the potential and responsibility, they are now fit to return to their families. Staff should teach individuals of different ideas they learned and how they will stick to ideas. This phase usually consists of counseling and group sessions one-on-one with peers.

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