Things To Ensure That Your Sofa Will Fit Into your New Space

Moving is stressful especially when you realize you can't get your favorite couch through the front door. Sometimes all you have to do is move it a bit, push it hard, or do a combination of both and your couch will fit. 

But in other cases, no matter what you do with this furniture, there's no way it will fit. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure your sofa fits into your new space so you don't end up in a tough situation. You can now hire professional couch doctor in New York to make your move easier. 

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Here are some tips from professional moving companies to make your moving day less stressful:-

First, measure the height, width and length of your sofa. If your sofa has movable legs, it is recommended to remove them before measuring. However, if you can't take it off, you'll need to measure from the floor to the top of the sofa arm. 

Then take the tape measure at its new location and measure the dimensions of the hole where you are trying to place the sofa. This is usually a front or back door, a stairwell, or an elevator door.

As a general rule, if the height of your sofa exceeds the width of the door, the width of the sofa should be less than the width of the door. This will allow you to rotate the sofa so you can move it through the opening. 

If the height and width of the sofa are greater than the width of the door, you need to check if the length of the sofa is less than the height of the door. In this case, the sofa can be turned and placed through the opening. 

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