Travel Tips For Vegans

Traveling in the Bangkok or abroad makes living as a vegan very challenging, but not totally impossible. Larger cities will offer more vegan selections than smaller cities and towns. However, very often, if they know you are coming in advance, they can have food ready to cook for you by the time you arrive. You can find the best vegan food in Bangkok online.

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Here are some tips to help you through your travels.

1. Check ahead for organic restaurants and grocery stores on websites like "Happy Cow, the compassionate eating guide," the "Veg Guide" or the "Savvy Vegetarian." By tracking vegan places to eat in advance, a person can be guaranteed the right type of food when away from home.

2. Call ahead and see if any nearby restaurants to your hotel offer vegan meals. Many times the hotel manager or assistant can check out the local restaurants for you as a service, or refer you to someone who knows.

3. Research the local foods in the country or state you are planning on visiting. Different countries and different areas of the states favor one food type over another. Be prepared in advance to know what is coming around the corner.

4. Always carry vegan snacks along when traveling – dried fruit, nuts, hummus with crackers, granola bars or fresh fruit with peanut butter – that is nutritious and vegan. People who are vegan snack more frequently as their diet is lower in fat.

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