Use Of Microdosing For Anxiety

From time to time, researchers are given explicit permission to advance psychedelic research. Fortunately, the growing popularity of microdosing is pushing for real research on the subject.

Five years ago there were practically no studies on psychedelic microdosis. But nearly 400 different reports on this issue have been published since the publication of specialist journals. You can also buy microdosing mushrooms in Canada at

However, qualitative research is still not enough to examine the effects of microdosing on anxiety or other psychological conditions.

In several studies, anxiety has actually been listed as a side effect of microdosing in psychedelics, along with general complaints and neuroticism. However, this is also a common side effect of full-dose psychedelics.

However, there is some glimmer of hope. Some reviews show that psychedelic microdosing in some cases can improve mood, increase focus, and possibly increase creativity. (This review is based largely on individual reports from people who have given psychedelia by microdosing.)

Experience with psychotherapy assisted with psychotherapy is also promising. Researchers have studied MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, and many other psychedelics in the mental environment.

There are several important caveats about microdosing for anxiety, including some aspects of psychedelic experiences that cannot be measured by western science. 

In a sense, microdosing can mean taking medicine, while a complete psychedelic experience can rebuild your relationship with anxiety and trauma.

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