What Are The Dental And Oral Facial Conditions That Oral Surgeons Treat?

Oral surgery has made significant progress over the past decade and some highly demanded procedures did not exist until the past few years.

Common surgeries for wisdom tooth extraction, tooth extraction, and TMJ disorders may be familiar to many patients, but there is a newer process for dental implants. Many local surgeons in Deer Park are experienced in this type of treatment and today more people are opting for dental implants.

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Dental implants have eliminated bridges and dentures in most cases, and they don't need to be removed for cleaning. An implanted tooth is treated like a tooth that has grown into it.

Facial trauma is treated with oral surgery, of course, and injuries and defects in the mouth and jaw are corrected by maxillofacial surgery.

Frenectomy, which involves the muscles of the mouth, and apicectomy, a removal of the infection near the nerve of the tooth, are usually not well known, but are sometimes necessary, and a dentist will refer patients to a surgeon. . oral for such procedures.

Other disease-related issues that should be referred to an oral surgeon include bone grafts and corrective jaw surgery. Bone transplants are performed when the jaw bone contracts or deteriorates.

A jaw correction procedure is performed when there is a misalignment of the jaw. This can often be fixed with braces, but there is an alternative if not.

There are several sedation options available and the patient and doctor can decide which one is appropriate for what needs to be done. Even intravenous general anesthesia can be given to put the patient to sleep in the office.

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