What is Child Custody Law?

Child custody is the legal right of a parent to physical custody of their children and/or legal authority over their children’s upbringing. This includes making decisions on behalf of the child regarding education, health care, religious activities, and other matters. Parents may also share joint physical custody or primary physical custody. In many cases, parents also have the right to visitation rights with their children.

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There is no one set answer as to who should have custody of a child in a divorce or separation. Courts often consider a number of factors, including the parenting skills and abilities of the parents, the welfare of the child, and any prior agreements between the parents. 

If parents cannot come to an agreement about custody, the court may decide which parent should have primary custody, joint custody, or full custody.

Parents should always consult with an experienced child custody lawyer before filing for divorce or seeking visitation rights. A lawyer can provide guidance on all aspects of family law, from negotiating parenting plans to fighting for sole or joint custody during court proceedings.

Child custody is the term used to describe the legal right and responsibility of one parent to care for and provide for a child. This can include matters such as where the child lives, how much time they spend with each parent, and what kind of contact they have with their other family members.

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