Why Dried Flowers for Your Wedding Day?

Planning a wedding can be stressful in more ways than one. From coordinating the seating chart to setting a budget and sticking to it, wedding planning can quickly get overwhelming. With that being said, it's important to save your sanity in every way possible. That's where dried flowers come in to help save the day. You can also buy dried flowers by clicking this source: Dry FLWRS – Dried flowers, Dry bouquets & Home accessories (also known as 'Dry FLWRS – Droogbloemen, Droogboeketten & Woonaccessoires' in the Dutch language)

Often times dried flowers are not even an idea that comes to mind when thinking about flower arrangements for weddings, but they absolutely should be. Sadly, instead of a beautiful, lush image, with a likeness to that of fresh flowers coming to mind, only an image of ugly, crunchy, dead flowers stiffened by hairspray appears. This is an unfortunate occurrence, causing dried flowers and their many benefits to be overlooked.

Dried flowers are beautiful, low maintenance, stress-free, and often times much less expensive alternative to fresh flowers, yet they come without the stigma of being fake. These beautiful flowers will last for months or even years, with proper care. They also won't break the budget, leaving the happy couple free to spend more cash on other things.

Another benefit to dried flowers is that they can be picked out and shipped out the way in advance. This reduces stress on the day of the wedding because it eliminates the need to coordinate with another vendor. Dried flowers won't wilt if delivery timing isn't precise like it must be with fresh flowers. 

Benefits of using dried flowers for your wedding day:

  • They won't die
  • Budget-friendly
  • No "fake" stigma
  • Stunningly gorgeous
  • No strict time restrictions
  • Less susceptible to the elements
  • Can retain their beauty for months, even years, with proper care

With more and more brides looking for alternatives to fresh flowers, dried flowers are at the forefront of becoming a popular choice!

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