Why is Direct Mail Marketing So Successful?

The Business Economic Advisory Service of Australia (CEASA) has been conducting media, marketing, and advertising research for over 40 years. They have found that direct marketing is growing at a rate of 17% annually and accounts for more than half of all media spending. That's a whopping $ 16 billion spent on advertising media!

Why is direct mail marketing on the rise?

A recent Panorama study showed that nearly 6 million adult Australians have indicated that they like to receive special offers via direct mail. Also, there is evidence that more than 50% of them have purchased a product or service from a direct mail offer.

As the world gets smaller, it is easy to reach millions of homes where people are interested in receiving deals, but cannot find good deals on the purchases they want to make. Direct mail postcard marketing also led to a huge waste of resources and contribute to environmental pollution. 

Direct mail includes advertising circulars, catalogs, compact discs (CDs), digital video discs, dummy credit cards with applications, sample merchandise, coupons, flyers, newsletters, etc. Direct mail can captivate the recipient's imagination like no other. Two-dimensional images and advertising on the Internet fail to tempt the viewer and hold their attention.

However, the three-dimensional beauty of the direct mail package that the user can hold, feel, hear, smell, read, enjoy, and the store could be a beauty to behold. Many receivers save these packs, especially if they are in postcard format, as bookmarks to enjoy forever.

Direct mail is perfect for a country like Australia, where there are many rural towns and isolated areas from which it is difficult for people to travel to the city and buy what they need.


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