All About Cleaning The Windows

Cleaning windows is one of the chores at home that is usually put off. However, cleaning the windows in your home is one task that should not be neglected. 

When the windows are clean and shiny, you can enjoy the view from outside and it will make your home look cleaner. You can also get more information about surrey window cleaning via

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There are some Best tips to clean your window :

Some people swear by newspapers to make their windows shine. One of the problems that come with using newspaper to wash windows is the ink stains, which you're sure to find with your hands. 

Coffee filters are another option that effectively cleans your windows but protects your hands from ink. You can also take an empty newspaper and clean the windows with a newspaper that doesn't leave any ink on your hands. 

The wiper is the ideal tool when you are looking for a striped window. Use plenty of water and solvent when you start cleaning windows. The solution is used to loosen the dirt that is on the windows.

If the window is very dirty, you may need to repeat the process to remove any scratches and dirt that remained after going through the window the first time.

Don't clean your windows when it's hot. This can cause some scratch problems. Try to clean windows in the morning, before direct sunlight can hit them. This will help minimize scratches.

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