Benefits Of Ceramic Tile On Roof

Because it is the first point of construction that has contact with climate change, the roof must have extra attention and special affection, after all, nothing better than being under our own roof, as long as it is safe and protect against sun, rain, wind, dust and etc.

You need to choose your roof very well. Ceramic tiles are affordable due to their popularity and, due to their raw material; they are very resistant to climatic variations. Currently, there are several types of tiles on the market, each with its own type of fitting and even taking into account the yield per square meter, thus providing a variety of architectural designs.

A technique used by professionals to see if the tile is in good condition is carried out with the use of a hammer: just take the cable and, holding the tile by the end, tap on its end, if the sound heard is metallic, it is in good condition. Another point to note before purchasing your roof is to check for the presence of cracks, breaks, burrs, or any other defect that compromises the fit of the tiles. The firing must be uniform; the tips must be fine, with low porosity, high resistance, low weight, uniform coloring, and a surface without roughness.

The ceramic tile, in addition to making the roofs charming, beautiful, and classic has some important characteristics, such as, excellent thermal insulation, thus supporting heat as well as cold. To ensure that ceramic tiles stay intact on the roof of your house, you should know how to clean roof tiles properly. It is a great option for sound insulation because it is clay cooked; it serves as a great diffuser of steam and is resistant to fire because not every material used on the roof is flammable.

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