Benefits Of Outsourcing 3D Modeling

Rothery points out that 3D outsourcing has three primary benefits: “After due diligence to assure quality and reliability of the 3D modeling service provider, outsourcing is typically faster, cost savings are substantial, and operational costs are lower.”

“It’s expensive to build an in-house department from scratch,” Rothery observes. “On top of the modeling team, quality control is necessary—which means you need a QA team on top of the modeling team. 

 “Outsourcing trusted 3D model makers for 3D modeling provides elasticity. Because the capacity of the service is shared, companies receive a high level of talent without having to employ full-time 3D modelers,” confirms Rothery. “Companies that outsource pay for what they need when they need it. When you don’t need 3D modeling services, you don’t pay for them.”

The benefits (in alphabetical order) of 3D modeling outsourcing include:

  • Control: Adherence to guidelines and standards is part of the engagement. Most professional firms provide excellent customer service, sometimes 24/7. Skilled project management is an integral part of the process, along with ongoing QA to detect defects early.

  • Cost Savings: Save time and money with rapid turnarounds, even on high-volume projects. Ask service providers about competitive pricing and bidding.

  • Ease: Using external resources allows optimization of internal resources, while the right vendor provides superior capabilities based on experience.

  • Quality: Qualified vendors provide top 3D artists and QA on an ongoing basis to deliver a project that meets your quality standards and requirements.

  • Speed: Services enable you to minimize the concept-to-production time. Faster turnaround times result from engaging experienced providers who employ streamlined processes.

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