How To Choose The Right Golf Tournament

There are many popular ways of organizing golf tournaments. If you are having a hard time deciding which format to put your golf tournament in, then you can consider a few things. Some formats are fun and laid back, while others are formal and serious for true contestants. 

Scramble is the most common format when you are organizing golf tournaments with teams. This allows your tournament to have two, three, and four-person teams. This type of play allows team members to choose one best shot from each stroke. 

After the best stroke is selected, all players will hit the ball with the best stroke shot. If you are organizing a golf tournament and you choose the best ball format then everybody will play their ball in every hole. It is also a team play but everyone hits their own ball. 

The teams’ lowest score will serve as the team score after the completion of each hole. The best ball is also known as the four balls. There are variations including one, two, three best balls. It is a favorite way to play in golf tournaments because people like to hit their balls. 

An alternate shot is a format for golf tournaments allowed for two-person teams. It is sometimes called the Foursome Game. What happens with an alternate shot Two players from a team will optionally hit shots from the tee. A ball will be used between two team members. 

A player will hit the ball with a tee and both will turn until the ball is caught. This can result in the same person having the last shot in the hole and the next shot to the tee if they do not tee at this particular hole.

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