Ohaus Balances Designed For Use in Laboratories

Complex laboratory tasks call for more than just standard scales and balances. Ohaus is a well-known manufacturer of digital balances and scales. They offer a variety of products that can be used in laboratories, education, and industrial settings. 

Ohaus lab scales and balances from libertyscales.com/collections/laboratory-balances are specifically made for research laboratories that perform complex as well as routine laboratory measurements. Even the most complicated measurements can be simplified with the Ohaus series' latest balances.

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Ohaus Balances in Various Models

Ohaus's innovative precision balances and analytical balances are available from leading online suppliers of medical laboratory equipment. The most popular models are Discovery, and Explorer Pro. Voyager Pro. Adventurer Pro. Pioneer. 

These balances are equipped with technical specifications and advanced features to ensure precision. The Ohaus Discovery Semi-Micro & Analytical balance includes the following:

  • Precision semi-micro weighing
  • Linearity and repeatability 2x: Better than all balances in this category
  • Steel and glass constructions: Increased corrosion resistance and static resistance
  • When temperature changes occur, the thermostat is automatically calibrated
  • Double weight
  • For the highest accuracy, automatic internal calibration: Three-point linearization possible
  • It is easy to set up, and it is very simple to operate

These balances are modern in design and provide excellent accuracy in a variety of applications, including pipette calibration, statistical analyses, parts counting, density determinations, dynamic weighing, percent weighing, and pipette calibration. OHAUS Pioneer Series analytical balances are intended for routine weighing applications.

Precision Balances for Many Specifications

Ohaus precision balances make it easy to use and provide consistent performance. There are many specifications and calibration options available for these balances, including:

  • Explorer Pro Balance 210g, X 0.001g With Draftshield
  • Voyager Pro Balance 661g X 0.001g With Draftshield
  • Voyager Pro Balance 6100gX 0.1g
  • Explorer Pro Balance 8100g X 0.1g
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