Signs You Might Have Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects so many girls around the globe and a number of them are not even aware they have the problem. When women attempt to have a baby and are ineffective over several months, then they consult with a Gynaecologist. You may also consult with the Endometriosis Association as it helps you to find the right cure for this painful disease. It's just at this stage, that lots of girls find they have endometriosis disease.

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There are loads of signs you could have Endometriosis until the illness becomes out of control.

Period Pain

Here is the first quite obvious indication that there's something out of balance in the body. It's fine to have intermittent bouts of time but if it will become a matter of routine which you live on the very first days of each month's time, this isn't normal. As soon as we have our interval we ought to observe it is there but we must not be suffering from pain to the stage where we have to take pain killers.


Severe sense of premenstrual symptoms generally associated with pain in this period. The abdominal region gets quite bloated, to the point at which a dress size is frequently obtained in water retention. Emotional instability can be common in this period together with sore breasts, frequency of having to go to the bathroom, and nausea symptoms.

The nausea symptoms are often experienced very strongly and often by Endometriosis sufferers. They are normally experienced two days before the period is due and may add to pain because cramping can also be associated with that.

Endometriosis is a painful condition and impacts so a number of our organs. It's often difficult to express to physicians and family what we're experiencing. A holistic approach is therefore required to cure the entire body as a whole, focusing on each of the organs responsible for the illness of endometriosis.

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