Termidor Versus Sentricon – Tips for Choosing the Best Termite Treatment

The debate about Termidor Termite Treatment and Sentricon Treatment which are popular for treating termite infestations continues in the pest control business.

With the Centric on method, bait stations are placed around the house. They will then be monitored by the company and if termites are seen, poison is used instead of wood bait and this will eradicate the entire colony. You can discover more information about best termite company through https://www.crownandshieldpestsolutions.com/termites.

Termidor Versus Sentricon - Tips for Choosing the Best Termite Treatment

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The Termidor system, on the other hand, sends chemicals in the soil around the house. It's harmless to humans and costs about $ 50 more than Sentricon to start with. However, if you get a contract for the year that includes additional monitoring and applications, that's $ 150 less than Sentricon when needed.

It is true that Sentricon is environmentally friendly and can be used to prevent termites from entering. However, it should be noted that it is not effective – there appear to be much more effective chemicals on the market.

As for Termidor, these chemicals are in the ground and the yard around your house. This does not work very well for many people as they should not be exposed to chemicals and it is only for this reason that they refuse to use Termidor.

Given the pros and cons of the two chemicals, the choices can be confusing. It is not possible to convince someone that one or the other is the right choice – it depends on the individual and how they see the situation.

Of course, if you believe in an environmentally friendly atmosphere and are not exposed to any chemicals, choose Sentricon, although it is less effective than other chemicals.

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