The Importance of Good Product Photography

The appearance of an online store or e-commerce site can only be called attractive if the images of the products and services being sold are visually appealing and increase the sales of the product or service. In fact, in the industry segment, we find many online sites that have a wide reach but very limited or poor representation. 

Without the physical contact and experience potential buyers have in a stationery retail store, all unanswered questions about the product will only lead to lost sales. Some of the important aspects of creating stunning listing images are summarized as follows:-

Stats and Facts on the Importance of Good Product Photography - PIC-UP

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1. Exposure in the most suitable environment – they are very useful for products such as shoes, fabrics or materials, etc. because buyers can see the real product not only in the studio but also in actual use. Artificial lighting and indoor settings may not be suitable for all products. In the case of products and objects in outdoor areas, presentation in a natural environment enhances its appeal.

2. Attention to detail – this is the main attribute in selling quality goods meant to highlight the brand, specialty, fabric or material. They are especially useful as descriptive measures to highlight the unique qualities of a work of art, with an emphasis on qualities such as tradition, craftsmanship, and more. This attention to detail also creates trust between the seller and the buyer.

3. What it is – for a website that sells fashion and clothing, displaying objects on a mannequin is not as attractive as it would be on a “living body”. Currently, clothing retailers are trying to display pictures of models in clothes to help customers choose their shape and size. This works very well, especially for tall women who feel unable or embarrassed to go to the store and find a dress or clothing that fits their size.

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