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The Importance of Having Fire Extinguishers in Toronto

First of all fire extinguishers could save lives if commercial or residential building owners spot and put out the flames in their initial stages. Information obtained from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has shown that fires that occurred that were not residential buildings resulted in the deaths of 70 civilians in 2013. Another benefit of having extinguishers is to avoid injury from fire.

Additionally, every extinguisher needs to be located near the door or exit point. Locations for residential buildings that meet this condition include the front and rear doors since they are typically conveniently located and accessible. You can also get affordable fire protection services in Toronto.

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The importance of regular fire Extinguisher Inspection

Like all other pieces of machinery, extinguishers can be prone to fail. This is why it is recommended to have them examined by a trained expert at least once per month. The inspection procedure should consist of:

* Verifying that the extinguisher can be seen and is accessible

* Verifying that the seal of the tamper is not broken and that the locking pin is still in place

* Check for indications of physical damage, such as leakage, dents, or corrosion/rust on the outside outer shell

* Examining the pressure indicator and verifying that it's in a good state.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Apart from inspection, fire extinguishers need regular maintenance by professionals. This includes:

* Hydrostatic tests using water or any non-compressible fluid

* Recharging in accordance with the recommendations of an inspection in the event that an extinguisher is in need of refilling following use

* Replacement of defective parts that aren't functioning as intended

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