Ways To Clean Up Dog Poop

Cleaning up dog poop is a chore. Try poops bags to get the job done fast. Plastic bags are one of the most common methods of cleaning up dog poop. They’re often located in dispensers near “pick up your dog poop” signs.

You can reuse plastic grocery bags this way, or buy a keychain attachment with biodegradable dog poop bags This is the most convenient, hassle-free way to pick up dog poop.

If you’re on a walk and realize you forgot to bring a poop bag, don’t ignore the “pick up dog poop” sign. Bury your dog poop instead of leaving it to be stepped in. At home or out on a trail, burying it is probably the easiest (and most immediate) way to clean it up.

However, be extra careful where you bury it. If not buried properly, you could discover an unpleasant surprise next time you mow the lawn. It’s best to pick up dog poop before mowing the lawn to avoid spreading it across the yard.

Dog poop can be composted. But due to the greater danger of parasites, it requires more specific conditions than other yard waste to yield a safe soil additive.

If you don’t have compost at home, you could create a composting bin or purchase a dog-poo specific composting bin. Composting dog poop can help eliminate germs and pollutants, and it breaks down the waste safely.

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