What Should You Look For When Buying A Boat In Canada?

Summer will be here soon enough and that means it’ll be time to head out to your nearest body of water with your boat in tow. Oh, you don’t yet have a boat? You can buy the best custom boat online via hikemetal.com/.

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No worries, we have some great tips to help out with your boat buying experience with our boat buying guide. 

First things first, what are you looking to do with your boat? When buying a boat it’s important to know what the endgame will be because boats, just like automobiles, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Here are some quick steps to follow during a boat inspection:

  • Do a walk-around. Take a walk around the entire boat, making sure to check the integrity of the hull for cracks or any other damages.

  • Check for leaks, corrosion, and algae. Leaks and/or corrosion can be found in many places, including near the sterndrive, outboard cowling, fuel lines, and tank. Algae can be found among the upholstery. None of these are good signs.

  • Check the wiring. There should be no bare wire or poorly sealed terminations. Electrical tape does not count as a proper seal.

  • Check the fuel and oil. A proper gauging paste can let you know whether there is water in the gas or oil, neither of which is good.

  • Take her for a spin. If possible, get the boat out on the water and drive it around. You’ll get a real feel for how everything works (if everything is working), just like when you test drive a car. However, again, if you’re not sure what to look for then bring someone with experience.

Buying a boat is a process that should be taken with care and plenty of research. If you follow the steps and tips we listed for you in this boat buying guide then you’re sure to be a happy boat owner in no time!

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