Spiritual Retreat Center – Celebrating a Day of Silence

Few people have ever found the hidden treasury to observe a particular type of Christian spiritual retreat known as the retreat of silence. Some other ways of describing it are meditation, listening to the inner self, listening to the voice of God. Whatever you like to call it, the day of silence breathes soul. 

For Christians, such a return may indeed be spiritual. The spiritual retreat center format includes games, activities, and lectures, which unfortunately can replace communicating with God. The day of silence is just the opposite. Throughout the day, the only thing you do is talk to God and listen to his voice.

Spiritual Retreat Center

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As a Christian, I know how good it is to connect the divine with the soul. So I do a Christian spiritual retreat once a year, at least. The idea is very simple. Find the quietest, peaceful place you can. A retreat center often has single rooms available for this type of guest. Perhaps you prefer to stay in a local hotel for the day. 

Ask a good friend who will be traveling if you can use them on your way home. No Christian has to spend single money for this spiritual retreat. Just make sure to find a comfortable place with no phone, no TV and no radio.

Most people who plan a day of silence prefer to find an outdoor setting. If this sounds like a spiritual retreat you feel, be sure to bring several things together to make your experience more and enjoyable.

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